First Baptist Church of Kenton, Kenton, OH

Meet the Pastor

DSC 5466Pastor Craig Mansfield

I am a native of the northwestern Ohio area. I was born and raised in Defiance County. At the age of 6 I entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. During my high school years I became more serious in my pursuit of a more meaningful relationship with Christ.

I will never forget the moment I point to when God invited me to join Him in full-time ministry. I did not hear any audible voices. I did not see any lights or beings in the sky. What I experienced was a deep longing to reach young people for God. Several classmates were talking of their most recent weekend party. They seemed aimless in their life as they lived from one party experience to another. The question in my heart was, "Who will tell them there is new way of life found in a relationship they had never tried?" That relationship was not another girlfriend or boyfriend, but rather Jesus Christ.

As a result I began to aim my life towards full-time Christian service. God led me to Pensacola Christian College. There the Lord continued to mold and shape me for a Senior Pastorate position. After college I began work as a youth pastor in the Akron, Ohio area. For eight years God used my wife and me in this work. This time was preparation for the current position as pastor of this local family of believers at First Baptist.

In the current position it is my goal to point others to Jesus Christ. Our mission as a church body is to build lives one at a time to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Why do we press towards this? We believe that the Bible teaches that without Christ we can do nothing. If we desire to live our lives to their fullest potential then we must follow the One that designed us—Jesus Christ. As we live our lives in devotion to Him we will see His awesome power working through our powerlessness.

I invite you to join us on this journey to see what God can do with those who devote themselves to His ways.