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World Missions

Drs. Leroy & Mary Lou Peters, MDIV DMIN

New Tribes Mission Representatives

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Centerville, Ohio 45458
Cell #1 (314)-402-0809 Cell #2 (314) 288-4984
Midwest Regional Representatives

We were both saved at age thirty four and currently serve as the Mid-West regional representatives for New Tribes Mission. Both are actively participating in ministry here in Dayton, Ohio focusing on establishing and deepening local churches foreign missions ministries. Having served with New Tribes Mission in Colombia for six years they established three local churches, a Bible Institute, and radio ministries. The Peters returned to the United States and presently minister with New Tribes Mission as mission mobilizers representing New Tribes Mission to Churches, Bible Institutes, Seminaries, camps, home groups, Awana, and various other opportunities. Leroy also travels extensively to Latin countries teaching seminars on family, Bible, missions, and many other themes, as well as challenging Latins to get involved in reaching the indigenous of their own country. Leroy also leads mission teams abroad to Latin countries.




Wayne and Patsy Gibson

Missionaries with New Tribe Missions

gibsonsWayne and Patsy have dedicated themselves to being used by God in Colombia. Working with a mission organization called New Tribe Missions, they are able to reach out to the Piapocos tribe with the Word of God. Having the unique talent of being able to speak in the native tongue, along with the discipleship training, they have been able to see people come to know the Lord through this ministry. For more information visit their site at and prepare to be encouraged.







Tim and Sandy Fink

Missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions

Fink Family-2



Tim and Sandy Fink , along with their son, Daniel, have been serving with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1999. They arrived in Romania in September of 2001, and have been working among the Rroma (Gypsy) population. The Finks are also parents of 3 grown sons, all married, and they have 4 grandchildren.

During the 11 years they have served in Romania, 3 Rroma Baptist churches have been planted in 3 different villages: Osorhei, Cheriu, and Martihaz. The highlight of their mission work was in 2011 when their first national pastor, Losif Teglas, was ordained as the pastor of the church in Osorhei. In addition to the Finks, the Baptist Mid-Missions Romania team consists of 3 other families, including Dave and Ruth Kimmel who are also sponsored by First Baptist Church in Kenton. The Fink’s immediate goals focus primarily on the raising up and training of additional national leaders in all three of their church plants. Deacons are needed in all three churches with the hope that eventually the Lord will reveal who might be qualified to become national pastors over the churches in Cheriu and Martihaz.




The Kimmel Family

Baptist Mid-Missions



David and his wife, Ruth, with their two daughters, Celeste (age 16) and Amber (age 13) are serving with the Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM) church planting team in northwest Romania. Their focus is church planting, evangelism, discipleship via individual and small group Bible studies, and local outreach. First Baptist Church began sponsoring the Kimmels in 2008 during their deputation. The family (from West Chester, Ohio) has served in Romania since September of 2009.

Romania, located in Eastern Europe, is a picturesque country with snow-capped mountains, agricultural plains, and coastal beaches. There are two distinct cultural groups in Romania: Romanians and Gypsies. The Gypsies are largely unchurched and typically treated as outcasts. They are prohibited from attending Romanian Orthodox churches and are even told they have no souls. Most are illiterate and poor and face discrimination in employment, education, and healthcare. Thus, the opportunities for ministry with both the Romanians and especially the Gypsies are endless.




Bryan and Heather MacPhail-Fausey

Baptist Mid-Missions


Bryan and Heather have five children. They have two adult sons: Xavier and Alex. The rest of the family includes Ian, who is 15 years old; Rebekah, age 15; and Mastewal, age nine.MacPhail-Fausey


Mission Field: Baptist Mid-Missions is the mission agency for the MacPhail-Fauseys. Bryan and Heather are currently on deputation, visiting churches, and sharing their heart for ministry to the people of the African country of Cameroon while they work to build up their monthly support.

Ministry Focus: Once on the field in Cameroon, Bryan and Heather will join the existing church planting team. According to their brochure, the goal of the team is "to plant 20 Biblically based, doctrinally sound Baptist church in 20 years." In addition, the work will include "the discipleship of believers and the training of Cameroonian national pastors."






Josef and Maria Teglas- Romania
Pastor Josef is a pastor of four churches that have been planted in Cheriu, Tinca, Alesd and Luncsoara.  Currently there is a 5th work under way. The main people group they minister to are the Rroma, who are gypsies. This work is difficult because of their nomadic lifestyle.   Josef works with our other missionaries, the Finks and the Kimmels who are also located in Romania.

Marc and Alison Keetonkeeton family photo
New Tribes Mission Representatives







Randy and Kari Teachout

The Pines - Christian Care Center for Children

Welkom, South Africa