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Dominican 2023

We will be partnering with John and Becky Shirley in their ministry with Love Goes Home ministry through They have hearts for the lost, desperate, and abandoned children living in the world’s most difficult places.

As Live Global missionaries, they work to empower national churches in Haiti and the Dominican Republic through their ministry “Love Goes Home”. They understand that the local church in each national setting knows best how to care for orphans in their own community and that believers in North America can play a vital role in those efforts. 


Love Goes Home assists churches in bringing Jesus, safety, hope, and love to the most desperate people on earth.

Our Mission

Meet the team

Led by Pastor BJ Thomsen along with John Shirley. We have 15 total church members. Cole Anthony, Dennie and Marcina Baker, John and Harrison Brien, Lindsey Clute, Kaleb Howard, Portia Mansfield, Kim Sexton, Andrea Stineman, Brianna Thomsen, Matthew, Melissa and Raya Weaver.

The team will be going to Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic. They will be working at a 30 acre site purchased for a ministry center.  They will being the work under the leadership of local Pastor Predestin. 


The Projects

  • Building a pavilion shelter

  • Building a aquaponics system.

  • Doing a 4 day VBS and having a medical clinic for children.

  • Holding a Pastoral Training Seminar in the evenings. They will be teaching the pastors what biblical counseling is and how to do it in their ministry. 

We were excited to hear back  from the mission team upon their return. More pictures will be posted in the coming weeks.

Click Here to watch the team's report. 

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