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This children's church program is grounded on an original curriculum entitled Adventure Zion, put together by our lead teachers.  This curriculum is geared for children five years through sixth grade, our children's church program incorporates fun games, praise and worship, and serious Bible teaching. Each Sunday starts with an action packed game and praise and worship songs. Throughout the school year the children memorize a large section of scripture. Old Testament and New Testament surveys, the life of Christ, and the Bible doctrine are taught using fun themes.

Summer Sunday School

Children three through sixth grade are together during the months of June, July, and August during the Sunday school hour. Using Answers in Genesis Vacation Bible School curriculum, children and teachers take a break from the traditional Sunday school curriculum. Skits, songs, crafts, games, and live drama help the children have fun learning how the Bible is relevant and can be defended in their world today.


Children's Program Curriculum

We rotate between these four curriculum themes:

Adventure Zion 1: This 40 lesson curriculum caravans through the Old Testament.  It studies God as He introduces Himself to people.  We memorize the Ten Commandments, sing and dance to Jewish songs as well as play games.  We celebrate feasts and erect a Tabernacle.  Surprise Bible characters visit the class which brings the Bible to life before the class.  Worshipping God is also an important part of this curriculum.  

Adventure Zion 2:  This 40 lesson curriculum moves through the New Testament.  It doesn't stop at the resurrection, but even tackles the book of Revelation.  We memorize the Roman's Road.  Games and singing and dancing to Jewish songs are also part of this curriculum.  During Jesus's time he celebrated feasts, so a Rabbi visits the class and explains the feasts to the children.  The Apostle Paul also makes a visit a few times to teach.  Time is also taken to worship Jesus Christ.

The Amazing Grace:  This 40 lesson curriculum teaches Ephesians deeply.  We memorize a chapter from Ephesians, write down our blessings weekly, sing grace-filled songs, meet modern people and learn about their stories of grace. Through application we learn to use God's grace to make wise decisions. Lastly, we worship God's Holy Spirit.   

Adventure FBI:  This 40 lesson curriculum teaches the mechanics of deeply studying the Bible.  The students learn to observe, dissect, and apply God's Word to their own life.  They are encouraged to journal and listen to God's Word.  No longer just listening but actually doing ministry by reaching out to others. 

Wednesdays: Team Kid

Our objective is to deepen children's faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and to equip them for life through daily Bible studies, memorization, and community service projects.

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